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Sundress halter top

The Hana Dancing Queen Halter Top Sundress

in 100% Blue Cotton

A double lei of heliconia and hibiscus against a textured background. The twin, two sized leis don't just drape down the wearer's body, they are tailored into a dynamic steep spiral. Beautiful! Bottom hem tailoring makes your walk into a graceful glide. The ruffles let your feet move with ease so you can dance all night long.


Palm fronds and heliconia leaves complete the tropical extravaganza. Made to tie behind the neck and leaves the shoulders and back open.


Tailored to fall just below the knee. Made by Kys of Honolulu and ships US Mail from Hawaii.

Retail... $99.00,
Our Price... $69.00
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Size Bust Hip Length
XSmall 30-31 35-36 41-42
Small 32-33 37-38 42-43
Medium 34-35 39-40 43-44
Large 36-37 41-42 44-45
X-Large 38-39 43-45 45-46
2X-Large 40-41 46-47 46-47
3X-Large 42-44 48-49 47-48
Sizes are garment measurements, not body
measurements. Measure one of your dresses that
fit you comfortably and compare to size chart


The Hāna Highway is a popular tourist attraction in Maui. Guidebooks often devote large sections to traveling the highway leading to the eastern side of Maui and document the many waterfalls and attractions that can be found along the way. Some of these attractions lie within or through private property and will often have "no trespassing" signs posted or even signs claiming that the attraction does not exist. All beaches in Hawaii are public. Some guidebooks document the "keep out" areas and ways past barbed wire fences and locked gates to reach attractions.


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"It arrived today morning and it fits so amazingly well. Cant wait to wear this. I think though that this dress should be worn more as a sundress than a cover-up but maybe that's just me. Its not very short, so maybe it would look great as a cover up too. I tried it with a cardigan and it looks swell. The quality, color and print are top notch. Gonna try this on my vacation and wear out to the beach, a lunch or maybe a casual dinner teamed with a nice pair of flip flops. Can be worn just about anywhere!"

- Donna M. Piner

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