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Welcome to Sundresses.Net

Welcome to Sundresses Our sundresses are the most beautiful comfort clothing to be found anywhere! Each garment is lovingly made by our seamstresses, inspected for quality and design, and sent directly to you with aloha.

Our sun dresses are like wearing a smile, they are like playful flirting with nature. Wear our clothes, and you will feel happier and active. People will notice! Enter Aloha Store HERE

Bright colors and good fabrics are what memories are made in; tropical dinners with friends on a summer night by the light of burning torches, dancing to Reggae, the feel of soft warm sand between your toes, holding hands with a summer love. Sundresses always remind of happy times.

Our sundresses are available in several styles. We have the long sundress that goes to above the ankle, the short tank that comes to above the knee, and the faux sarong that has a dramatic figure-flattering swoop of fabric bunched across the hipline. We even have our own line of ultra comfortable Muu-muus that are hand-stitched and almost feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.

New African Sundresses

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We make our dresses out of durable and beautiful rayon, we ship promptly (usually within 48 hours of getting the order), and we are always here to help. If an item does not fit, simply call us and we will be glad to help you make the exchange.

And Sundresses are in style. With aloha wear no longer restricted to Fridays, a sundress can be worn anywhere to almost any occasion.

In a recent study of what men aged 16 to 70 find sexy on a woman, a whopping 43% were attracted to a woman in a sundress! Only 30% liked the jeans look and a measly 24% preferred a formal dress! Men are attracted to the wholesomeness, playfullness and unpretentiousness of a sundress, and are more likely to strike up a conversation. A good sundress has replaced the famous "little black dress" as a woman's favorite "secret weapon".

Dive in! Our tailoring also slenderizes the waist, enhances the bustline, and draws attention to the face with its simple neckline. And no one has better sundresses than Sundresses.Net!!!

New Products

Sundresses New ProductWhat could be better than getting married to the person you love most in all the world in the most beautiful setting in all the world? We mean, of course, Hawaii!

We have a special selection of beautiful and pure long sundresses, short sundresses, shirts, and sarong dresses made specifically for weddings. Let us outfit you, your mate, the groomsmen and the maids of honor in pure white aloha. These are among our most popular items ever!

Having a large wedding? Write us, we can give you a bulk purchase rate on 10 or more items, with additional discounts on shipping!

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Sundresses New Products Sundresses are famous for their great tropical and party prints. There is no other clothing that brings the warm summer feel of the tropics like our line of sundresses!

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Sundresses New Products When you think of the ultimate in comfort in a sundress, what comes to mind? A muu-muu of course! We have a whole selection of great prints to choose from!

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